Student internship in noida

Geton Webs Services Pvt Ltd

Geton Webs Services is an association which offers best opportunities to the students by connecting students to corporates for internship.
We are also enables students to gain skills through workshops( 1000+ workshops in various colleges) and e-learning
The establishment of Geton Webs Services Pvt Ltd is done by Mr. Prakash Sharma on 26 Nov of , 2016.
With the vision to help students to develop their skills and to bring out the best of them.
This will help them professionally as well as personally for their own growth and each student should be going through internships.

What we believe in

We like to change things. We believe in human potential. We believe in opportunities. Geton Webs is a culmination of these believes.
Through the word "Get" we want to drive the positivity of action. We are focused on building the future where students can experience real opportunities while they continue their education and build a smarter future.Future at Geton Webs lies in perfecting this industry -student interaction platform.

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Student internship in noida

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Student internship in noida

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